Managed Service Provider MSP Midland MI

At TechKnowledge we offer a service we call a TechRescue+. This is the service that makes us a Managed Service Provider MSP in Midland.

Managed Service Provider Midland MI
data, privacy and computer protection

Managed Service is an alternate to waiting for devices to break. For example a TechRescue+ allows us to continuously clean and protect your computer. Rather than waiting for you to have issues. However we do not stop there.

Antivirus Included

Rather than a basic antivirus a full corporate grade product is provided. While there are a number of reasons we do this. The most important are web and behavior protection. So web protection is obvious. It protects you while browsing the web. However behavior protection is less obvious. The anti-virus monitors how your computer behaves. It attempts to stop behavior that is virus like. When that is not possible it will notify a TechKnowledge technician. Allowing us to resolve the behavior accordingly.

Real People

Not all computer problems are solved with software. We designed the TechRescue+ with this in mind. For example customers can request us to remotely assist them. We start our days receiving health and security reports for your devices. Obviously not all security can be done with software. Not to mention the complexity of knowing symptoms of a device that is about to fault.

Keep Working

Detecting when hardware is about to go bad is difficult for software. It often requires paying attention to patterns over time. To help us we receive reports on device health. If your device gets too hot we will know. We designed the TechRescue+ to request health status of parts in your device. No one wants to end up with data loss and downtime due to a bad hardware.

Smart Security

We enhance security protection to help ensure your time online is safe. For example we make certain your device is not sending out too much bulk data. Furthermore when your processor is overly active for long durations. We receive reports than make certain what is running is safe. These reports also allow us to customize your continuous cleanups. However that is not all there are a number of reports we review to keep your device safe for you.

Know What We Do

When a meaningful event occurs we let you know. For example when we log events that log will be sent to you. Occasionally it we will include action items in the log. We may suggest dusting your computer if it is too hot. However we will not leave you without the option for us to help you with these task. Most of the time additional work such as this is free.

Free Work

An hour of free work is included with every TechRescue+ subscription. Normally this would cost $50. However we want to way for you to ask us for assistance without the concern of additional charges. While most customers do not use this. Due to the TechRescue+ being so proactive with keeping devices running well. You do not have to use the time for repair related assistance. Maybe you need help installing an application or your printer is not working?

Thank you for reading. Contact TechKnowledge at 989-832-4101. Allow us to help keep you safe and be your Managed Service Provider MSP in Midland.