Monitor your home
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Residential & Business

  • Home: Security camera installed on your front/back porch, garage, barn, outbuildings or inside your home.
  • Office: Installation on drop-ceilings, high ceilings, brick walls and more. We have solutions for your structure.
  • Large Facility: Need many cameras? We can install security cameras at your warehouse, grocery store, public facility, apartment units or nearly any other structure. Even remote locations that require battery or solar powered cameras.

Video Storage

  • On Premise: Video data stored away from your camera but at your location.
  • Cloud: Store files to a remote server. Cloud storage for your video data requires a monthly fee.


  • No Monthly Fees: On premise storage allows for video recording with no monthly fees.
  • Internet Access: Connect to your camera live when you are away. Using your phone or tablet.
  • Motion Detection: Get notified when movement occurs. Notification can be sent directly to your phone or email.
  • Tamper & Weather Resistant: Outdoor & common area cameras are installed with tamper resistance domes. Making them highly durable to intruder or weather disturbances.
  • Audio: Listen to and record audio. Two-way talk also available.
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