Frequently Asked Questions

After a Operating System Installation

How do I reinstall my printer?
On your desktop we have placed a file that is the name of your printer model followed by the word installation, for example (Officejet 8720 Installation). Please run this to install your printer.
Is the computer updated?
If you are using windows 10 all updates have been processed. For windows 8 and older the first batch of updates have been processed. It greatly affects turn around time to process all updates for older versions of windows.
For Mac OS we will update you to the most current version of the OS available for your hardware.
Is an anti-virus?
All computer will have an antivirus installed.
Where are my files?
if we processed a full windows reinstall all your files are going to be exactly where they were. Files are not restored with a basic reinstall.
How do I connect to WiFi?
For a full windows reinstall your wireless settings will be automatically transferred, when you get home the computer will connect to your home wireless without any extra efforts.
For a basic reinstall or if the wireless settings did not transfer, on the desktop of your computer there is a file called "WiFi Howto". Follow the steps in that tutorial to connect.

After a TechRescue

What happens to my data?
During a TechRescue your files will be scanned for male-ware. Files with malware are quarantined. It is extremely rare that files you created would have viruses in them.
Is an anti-virus included?
Yes, after a TechRescue your computer will have an anti-virus.
Can we cleanup Mac computers?
Yes we can.
Will my history or files be viewed?
No, we do not need to look at files or history to remove male-ware.


Windows 10 WiFi

How to connect to WiFi on Windows 10.